1. General Provisions
    1. This Regulation determines terms, procedures and requirements of the competition announced and held jointly by AzerGold Closed Joint Stock Company (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Company”) and Heydar Aliyev Center (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Center”) on the design projects for the coins produced from Azerbaijani gold and silver (hereinafter to be referred as “the Competition”).
    2. The founders and organizers of the Competition are the Company and the Center. 
    3. Only design projects that have not been used before, do not duplicate the elements of any other designs and are not considered as pirated copies may participate in the Competition
    4. The information regarding the status of the competition will be published in www.azergold.gift website, the online platform of the coins made of gold and silver.
    5. Copyright Agreement (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Agreement”) shall be signed between Successful participants and the Company (Appendix 1 attached to this Regulation).
    6. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Copyright and related rights, personal (non-proprietary) rights on the winning works shall remain with the authors, while proprietary rights shall be transferred to the Company based on the Agreement to be signed between the Parties.
  2. The purpose of the competition
    1. The purposes of the competition include:
      1. Selecting new, enchanting and distinguished designs which describe the history, culture, art, intangible and cultural heritages of Karabakh;
      2. Describing the elements and symbols of national-moral values formed in Karabakh over the centuries;
      3. Promoting the victory of the glorious Azerbaijani army over the Armenian armed forces;
      4. Increasing the range of design solutions for new coins to be produced in future;
      5. Discovering and promoting the new talents.
  3. Organization
    1. The organization of the competition shall be carried out by the Company and the Center;
    2. The Working Group shall be established upon the Order of the Chairman of the Executive Board in order to organize the competition. The design projects submitted to the competition shall be evaluated by the jury composed of experts specialized in relevant field.
    3. The composition of the jury shall be confirmed by the management of the Company upon approval by the Working Group.
    4. The duration of the competition shall be determined and announced to the public by the Working Group.
  4. Participation in the competition
    1. Every person might join the competition.
    2. Participation in the competition is free.
  5. Terms
    1. The author of the Project might be a person, a team, a company, or a group of companies. If the author is a team, a company, or a group of companies, a representative appointed by such team, company or group of companies may act as a participant in the competition.
    2. The design projects submitted to the competition shall describe the following topics:
      1. Ancient cultural heritage of Karabakh
      2. Ancient History of Karabakh
      3. Symbols of Karabakh
      4. Triumphant march of our glorious Army
      5. We return to Karabakh
      6. Monuments liberated from occupation
    3. The participant might submit maximum 2 versions for each topic.
    4. Every project submitted to the competition shall meet the following technical requirements:
      1. Upload a Design Project to the www.azergold.gift website by selecting “submit the design project” button and filling in the appropriate fields;
      2. Upload the design project in “.jpeg” or PDF format;
      3. Total size of the design project shall not exceed 5mb;
      4. The title and topic of the design project shall be indicated in the relevant field;
      5. Every design project shall be accompanied with a short narrative.
    5. The participant shall keep a copy of the project in the relevant program (non- visualized file), until the results of the competition are announced.
    6. The participant might be requested to submit a copy of the design project saved in relevant program (non-visualized file) or its sketch to the jury, to verify if the design project belongs to the participant.
  6. The phases of the competition
    1. The competition shall be held in 7 phases:
      1. Launch of the competition;
      2. Acceptance of the design projects to the competition;
      3. Checking the compliance of all the design projects with preliminary technical requirements and procedures by the Working Group;
      4. Assessment of the design projects by the jury and identification of the winners;
      5. Announcement of top three winners;
      6. Launch of online voting for all the projects submitted to the competition and selection of the winner;
      7. Execution of the contract between the winners and the Company, and presentation of gifts.
  7. Assessment of design projects
    1. Design projects submitted to the competition shall be assessed by the jury anonymously on a (10) ten-point system. Upon the assessment by the jury, design projects with the highest points shall be announced as the winners. If two design projects have the same score, the jury shall re-assess those projects
    2. Design projects shall be assessed against various criteria, such as, aesthetic view, conceptual topic, uniqueness, applicability.
    3. All the design projects submitted to the competition shall be put to online voting on www.azergold.gift website. The project with the majority of votes from the audience shall be declared the winner in the “Audience sympathy” nomination.
  8. Rewards
    1. Top three (3) winners will be rewarded with certificates and money.
    2. Monetary rewards shall be:
      I place – AZN 3000 (three thousand);
      II place – AZN 2000 (two thousand);
      III place – AZN 1000 (one thousand);
    3. The winner of online voting shall be presented monetary reward:
      1. Winner of online voting – AZN 1000 (one thousand).
    4. Rewards shall be presented to the winners upon execution of the Contract attached to Appendix 1
  9. Responsibilities of the Parties
    1. The company shall:
      1. Organize and hold the competition transparently and fairly in accordance with the requirements of this Regulation;
      2. Reward the winners as stipulated in this Regulation.
    2. The participants shall:
      1. Study up the requirements prescribed in the Regulation;
      2. Avoid violation of intellectual property rights, especially author’s rights while submitting the work to the competition;
      3. Avoid submitting the works which conflict with public policy or accepted ethical principles;
      4. Sign a contract with the Company on transfer of exclusive rights to use the successful work.

Khayyam Farzaliyev

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of AzerGold CJSC

Emin Mammadov

Advisor to the Director of the Heydar Aliyev Center, Honored Art Worker

Akshin Valiyev

Executive Director of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Arif Huseynov

People’s Artist

Natig Farajullazadeh

Honored Artist

Sanubar Gasymova

Doctor of Phylosophy in History

Nariman Mammadzadeh

Art Director

Farid Rasulov


Rahim Ismayilov

Art Director

Chingiz Ismayilov

Art Director

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